Phantom 4!

If I had the money, I’d buy this one!

Best Camera For Drone

With a 4K camera, my Phantom 3 captures the best pictures and video. The images are of 12 megapixels and are clean and clear. Videos are shooted at 30 frames per second and has a f/2.8 lens which gives a field view of 94 degrees. There are many other drones that feature different cameras, but… Read more »

Best camera for your drone

With photos shooted at 1080 pixels and videos at 60 frames per second, Matrix 600 has the best camera for all your professional needs. I am using a RED EPIC camera that gives astounding video quality with great clarity photos.

Drone camera

My parrot drone fisheye camera has about 14 megapixels full HD quality that produces the best photos and videos sessions. The clear and clean photos and graphic are the best for professional shooting.

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