How long can a drone fly?

The new Phantom 3 that I purchased flies for about 25 minutes at around 50mph speed. It does not travel more than that. Drones can travel roughly 25 to 30 minutes and respond to commands easily. You can experience the complex aspects of stable and safe flight from takeoff to landing all with the help… Read more »

Mine’s about 35 without camera

My Matrix 600 flies for 35 minutes and if I attach a heavy RED EPIC camera then the duration dwindles down to 16 minutes. But because of its powerful motors and great stability, it has good communication link and is very easy and thrilling to control.

40 mins, I’m pretty sure mine wins.

My Matrice 100 can fly for 40 minutes, and that’s quite an achievement. My friends have quite great and expensive models but my drone beats all of them in terms of flight duration. Equipped with two battery chargers, it is used in flight double the time of a normal drone. The videos is not mine,… Read more »

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