My Awesome Drone

My new white beauty, the Phantom 3 is the drone that I totally love. Very easy to fly for a long period of times it provides great video qualities. Yes, you might find drones of similar functionality, but you will not have the same experience as the Phantom 3 provides taking in account how affordable… Read more »

My drone

This is my drone Inspire 1. Have been flying it for a couple of months now. It is a great drone and it is very easy to control It responds to the slightest touch and have a great camera for shooting photos.

My cool drone

My Matrice 100 is a very cool drone. With dual battery chargers, my drones keep flying for more than 40 minutes while my friends drone die down at 30 minutes. It has great torque, great flexibility and is very easy to rotate. It also releases the launching pad very quickly and has a rigid and… Read more »

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